If you want to improve your fitness, health or swimming technique with coached swim practices and positive fellowship, the Sharks Masters Club could be just the program for you. And, don’t let the term “Masters” intimidate you! It simply means we are 18 years of age, or a lot older, and love to swim.
​​​​​​​Registration & Program Information


We swim at the 19 Wing Comox Fitness and Community Centre pool, 1575 Military Row, Comox (Ryan Road and Military Row which turns into Pritchard at the airport roundabout) during the morning sessions and the Comox Valley Sports Centre during the afternoon sessions.
You do NOT need to be in the military to participate. Our club includes service members and civilians.


Sharks Masters
This is a traditional masters training program for competitive masters swimmers, triathletes and swimmers looking for focused training. Practices run mornings Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 6:15am to 7:30am at the 19Wing Recreation Centre. Please be at the pool at 6am when it opens so we can receive coaching instructions and be in the water at 6:15am.


Sharks Tri
​​​​​​​These are freestyle focused workouts for triathletes and open water swimmers working on freestyle technique and pacing. Sessions are from 6:50 - 8:00 PM and Friday morning from 5:50-7:00 AM at the Comox Valley Sports Centre. Our evening sessions will focus more on Freestyle technique and pacing, geared more towards triathlon and general swimming fitness.


Swimmers must choose either the Sharks Masters or Sharks Tri Stream

Masters: Mon/Wed/Fri 600-730 19 AM at Wing Recreation Centre

Tri: Mon/Wed 650-800 AM and Fri 550-700 AM at Comox Sports Centre


We cater to all levels of swimming but you need some previous swimming experience and some endurance. If you have group or individual training expereince in the pool and want to improve your strokes, stamina and speed, then we have a lane waiting for you. For our Sharks Masters you should be able to complete a 3000m practice in 75minutes and for our Sharks Tri you should be able to swim 2000m in a 60minute practice. If you’re not sure about fitting in please email